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Daddy Yankee's fans fill 4 trucks with donations in NY

When Daddy Yankee calls, people answer. So when the reggaeton star went on social media to ask fans to help victims of Hurricane Maria in his native Puerto Rico and the earthquake in Mexico, his fans delivered with an avalanche of donations.

Diapers, bottled water, mosquito repellent and batteries for flashlights were some of the provisions gathered on Thursday night through the initiative, which was organized in a matter of hours with the help of the Puerto Rican Family Institute, the Hispanic Federation and the National Puerto Rican Day Parade.

"I believe is a fact of life for the fortunate to help the unfortunate," the reggaeton superstar said in a statement on Friday, as he thanked his fans and volunteers for helping making this happen. "I am sure that God blesses the happy giver and those who help the ones in need."

Daddy Yankee also joined forces with the food bank Feeding America, which will bring donations to 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico, according to his Facebook page.

Daddy Yankee's publicist Manya Nevarez said he will continue his call for donations at other stops on his tour, and plans to visit Puerto Rico late next week to present some of the donations himself.


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Batman comic series to feature scenery from Portland, Maine

Holy hometown, Batman!

A highly anticipated Batman comic book series will have some locations that might look familiar to Maine residents. The Portland Press Herald reports Portland City Hall, Old Port's cobblestone streets and various red brick buildings will be a part of Gotham in DC Comics' "Batman: White Knight."

The artist and writer is Sean Murphy, who recently moved to Portland. He says he was inspired by the city feeling like a "perfect foggy New England town."

Murphy says the series centers on a seemingly reformed Joker who runs for City Council and uses his media campaign to blame Batman for the city's crime.

DC representatives say the series is one of the top three best-selling comic books for October.

The first issue goes on sale Oct. 4.


Information from: Portland Press Herald,

The top 10 songs and albums on the iTunes Store

Top Songs

1. rockstar (feat. 21 Savage), Post Malone

2. Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift

3. Bodak Yellow, Cardi B

4. Thunder, Imagine Dragons

5. Feel It Still, Portugal. The Man

6. 1-800-273-8255 (feat. Alessia ..., Logic

7. Sorry Not Sorry, Demi Lovato

8. What About Us, P!nk

9. Too Good at Goodbyes, Sam Smith

10. Too Much to Ask, Niall Horan

Top Albums

1. Concrete and Gold, Foo Fighters

2. Love Yourself ? 'Her', BTS

3. Prophets of Rage, Prophets of Rage

4. Future Friends, Pt. Two, Superfruit

5. Life Changes, Thomas Rhett

6. The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Nothing More

7. Evolve, Imagine Dragons

8. ÷ , Ed Sheeran

9. By Any Means 2, Kevin Gates

10. Greatest Hits, Red Hot Chili Peppers


(copyright) 2017 Apple Inc.

Hannity boycott call fizzling, at least publicly

More than a month after a liberal advocacy group publicly called on advertisers to boycott Sean Hannity's show on Fox News Channel, luxury carmaker Cadillac has been the only new company to publicly back away from the program.

While Hannity has appeared largely impervious to the efforts against him, opponents say they're not giving up.

Meanwhile, Hannity is ascendant at Fox. His show, which averaged nearly 2.7 million viewers in August, was the second most-popular program in cable news behind MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, according to the Nielsen company. Starting Monday, Hannity moves back to the 9 p.m. Eastern time slot he previously occupied, taking Maddow on directly.

Fox wouldn't discuss his advertising.

Cadillac pulled its commercials after becoming aware of commentary on Hannity's program following violence at a rally held by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"In the strongest possible terms, we at Cadillac condemn any form of racism or discrimination," company spokesman Andrew Lipman said. "We have a zero tolerance policy as it pertains to any of our employees and business partners."

Angelo Carusone, president of the media watchdog that called for the boycott, Media Matters for America, said other luxury carmakers Land Rover and Mercedes Benz have also abandoned Hannity. A Land Rover spokesman, Stuart Schorr, said that while the car is currently not being advertised on "Hannity," it is not participating in a boycott and that its advertising strategy "evolves and changes." Mercedes representatives did not return queries about the company's plans.

Media Matters said some dozen advertisers have told the organization they will not purchase commercials in Hannity's show in the future; some have current contracts and are staying put until those commitments are completed.

Efforts against Hannity were partly triggered by his promotion of a story suggesting that a Democratic National Committee staffer who was killed last year may have been involved in a leak of Wikileaks documents. Hannity is the most visible and vehement supporter of President Donald Trump on the most influential media outlet for conservatives.

Carusone said Hannity had gone beyond mere commentary, pointing to the frequent appearance of Trump attorney Jay Sekulow on the program. He said he wouldn't attack a media figure's commercial viability because of just one or two comments.

"It's one thing to have political perspective," he said. "It's another thing to see it as a political campaign."

Boycott efforts frequently go nowhere, but Carusone's track record made this one worth watching. He was involved in trying to get advertisers to back away from Bill O'Reilly this past spring, following reports of settlements made in sexual harassment cases against him. Advertisers, and Fox, quickly abandoned him.

Prior to that, Carusone helped persuade advertisers to stay away from Glenn Beck's Fox News Channel show. That effort took more than two years, but Beck's show was slowly choked to the point where it had too few advertisers to be feasible financially.

That's the methodical strategy he's employing with Hannity, trying to convince media buyers and companies that the show is too controversial for their products. His prediction: "As long as he continues the same kind of programming he's been providing the last couple of years, I think that he is not commercially viable by Christmastime."

However, the number of people who clicked on a website — in the thousands during the summer — has slowed to a trickle, said Nate Lerner of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. That group hopes to regain momentum with a new app.

"The energy of the boycott Hannity movement has definitely died since the announcement of the last month," Lerner said.

The boycott call angers Hannity's supporters. Members of the Tea Party Patriots responded with their own protest calls to companies that said this spring they were backing away from Hannity's show. The financial services firm USAA felt the backlash and responded by taking advertising off all opinion-based programming.

Many Trump supporters feel Hannity was one of the few people in the media who had their backs, and they want to be there for him, said Jenny Beth Martin, president of the Tea Party Patriots.

"What we're seeing from the left is an effort to bully people to silence them," she said. "They want people to agree with them or not say anything at all."

Mendes donates $100k to Mexican earthquake relief

The Canadian singer-songwriter and his manager, Andrew Gertler, have gotten things started with a $100,000 donation to the fundraiser on GoFundMe's Crowdrise platform. The money will go to "directly to disaster relief in Mexico" via American Red Cross.

In an email to The Associated Press, Mendes said he was in his hotel getting ready for his show the next day when the quake hit.

"The whole building was shaking pretty severely, but we were fortunate to be somewhere that was structurally sound enough to withstand it," he wrote. "At first I didn't know what was happening, and then pretty quickly, after about 30 seconds, I clued in that it was an earthquake. Shortly after that we heard sirens and the emergency evacuation announcements from the hotel, and were able to make it down to the street safely."

"There were just so many people out on the streets trying to stay safe and that had been evacuated from buildings, and as we were walking saw quite a few buildings that had collapsed facades, windows shattering on the streets," he wrote.

The quake has reduced buildings to rubble in Mexico and left hundreds dead. Mendes said he sends his prayers to everyone effected and would love to return when he can.

"I want to come back as soon as possible. It is an incredible city and the people there are so strong and resilient," he said.



Showtime making series of Clinton-Patterson thriller

Showtime has won a bidding war to develop former President Bill Clinton and powerhouse author James Patterson's upcoming thriller, "The President is Missing," into a television series.

The network announced the deal Friday, months away from the book's publication next June.

In the collaboration with Patterson, Clinton provides an insider's perspective of having been in the White House. It's the first time that Clinton has helped write fiction.

Showtime's affiliation with CBS, and the corporation's boss Leslie Moonves, helped seal the deal. Moonves knows Clinton, and Patterson helps with the production of the CBS series "Zoo" and "Instinct."

Miss Turkey dethroned over 'unacceptable' tweet on coup

Organizers have stripped Miss Turkey 2017 of her crown over a social media posting that was deemed insulting to the memory of the 250 people killed while opposing last year's failed military coup.

Miss Turkey organizers said the 18-year-old Itir Esen was dethroned on Friday, a day after she won the contest and the right to represent Turkey at the Miss World contest in China. The organizers said in an emailed statement that her title was revoked because of a tweet in July that they described as "unacceptable."

Runner-up Asli Sumen will now represent Turkey in China.

Media reports said Esen, a model and university student, caused a storm on social media after she posted a remark on Twitter as the country held memorials for the victims on the first anniversary of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

According to Sozcu newspaper and other media the tweet, which has since been erased, said: "I got my period on the morning of the July 15 martyrs' day. I'm marking the day by bleeding as a representation of the martyrs' blood."

Esen reportedly denied the account was hers. But Can Sandikcioglu, who heads the Miss Turkey Organization, said the committee said it confirmed she was the author of the tweet.

"We are sad to announce that we have reached the conclusion that the tweet was posted by Itir Esen," the organization quoted Sandikcioglu as saying. "It is not possible for the Miss Turkey Organization, whose aim is to promote Turkey worldwide and to contribute to its image, to accept such a posting."

The organization said the tweet came to their attention after the competition and that it took them "hours" to determine that was Esen's.

Marc Anthony pleads for help for Puerto Rico after Maria

Marc Anthony is pleading for help for Puerto Rico, which has been devastated after being pummeled by Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

Authorities say the island may be without power for at least four months following Hurricane Maria, which hit the U.S. territory with 155 mph (249 kph) winds, the strongest hurricane in over 80 years. The island was already battered by Hurricane Irma, which hit days earlier.

Anthony, a native New Yorker whose family is from Puerto Rico, urged his fans to help the island. In videos in English and Spanish posted to his social media, the singer urged people to donate to the relief efforts led by the island's first lady, Beatriz Rossello, saying, "today, Puerto Rico needs our help."

Rapper Chief Keef pleads not guilty to South Dakota charges

Rapper Chief Keef has pleaded not guilty to drug charges in South Dakota.

The rapper whose legal name is Keith Cozart was arrested June 12 at the Sioux Falls airport, where officials say marijuana was found in his carry-on bag. He had been in the city performing at an anti-bullying celebrity basketball event at a local university.

The Argus Leader reports that Cozart returned to Sioux Falls last week to plead not guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges for possessing marijuana, a marijuana edible and drug paraphernalia. His trial is scheduled for Nov. 27. The felony charge against him is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Cozart is from Chicago. He now lives in Los Angeles.


Information from: Argus Leader,

Donatella Versace pays joyous tribute to brother Gianni

On the third day of Milan Fashion Week, past and present merged at Donatella Versace's joyous, celebratory, healing runway tribute Friday to her brother Gianni Versace, 20 years after his slaying in Miami.

And it culminated with her own reckoning with how she has born the weight of her brother's creative legacy.

The show brought together the supermodels that Gianni Versace helped create — Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen — and the new generation of celebrity models that Donatella Versace says is the first in decades to exude the requisite confidence: Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and now Kaia Gerber, Crawford's daughter.

Donatella feted her brother as a designer who empowered woman, a legacy that she has sought to maintain.

"This show is for him, from beginning to end," she told reporters backstage.

Here are some highlights from Friday's womenswear looks in Milan for next spring and summer, featuring Versace, Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli.



Donatella Versace said she went back into the archives for the first time since her brother's death and pulled out 12 prints that she reproduced for this tribute collection, including Andy Warhol, Vogue and My Friend Elton from 1991, and Wild Baroque, Anomalies and Native American from 1992.

"Only after 20 years could I do that, even if the pain is the same," Donatella said.

But the silhouette was all Donatella, slim and empowering, in recognition of the shift in tastes over the years.

Long gone are the big shoulders of the late 1990s. There were belted trenches, tight bodice mini-dresses with cropped jean jackets, sleek evening sheaths and fuller skirts worn with denim tops. There were mini-skirted suits and ruched dresses in pastel pink, blue and green.

And there were monochrome leggings inspired by the 1990s and worn with matching color jackets. Heels were high and the stride was strong.

"I feel like I did what I had to do. I feel I can share my memories and my journey. I am happy I did it," she said.

Going back into the archives also provided a window into Donatella's own journey, after being thrust unexpectedly and tragically into the creative role.

"I asked why I took so long to find my way," she said. "The first few years I wasn't sure of myself. I made mistakes. But you learn from your mistakes."



Gianni's supermodels wore liquidy dresses in metal mesh inspired from Gianni's fall-winter 1994 collection. They stood in a solemn tableau, then joined Donatella for a tribute lap down the runway.

Versace said they were all staying on the same hallway and all visiting each other like long-lost girlfriends.

"It is the same atmosphere, the same competitions of who wants to be in the center," Donatella said.

For the final tableau, Campbell won.



Kaia Gerber walked in the Versace runway show Friday wearing an updated version of the same yellow print catsuit that her mother, Cindy Crawford, wore on the cover of Vogue back in the day.

Donatella said Gerber recognized the garment's history immediately, saying "that's the one my mother wore."

The catsuits were replicas, Donatella said, because the originals are tight in places that a generation accustomed to stretch fabrics could not tolerate. Only one garment, a tiered skirt, was the actual piece that Gianni himself created.



Versace invited a trio of Italian designers that she said take the same sort of creative risks that her brother did in his time: Alessandro Michele of Gucci, Pier Paolo Piccolo of Valentino and Anthony Vaccarello, formerly of Versace's Versus line.

Also on hand was Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Kendall Jenner's mom, Kris Jenner, who sat poised with her smartphone snapping models as they emerged from backstage.



When the times go dark, Giorgio Armani goes bright.

The 83-year-old designer's Armani collection for next spring and summer bursts with florals and color, often on a background of black. The silhouette is loose and feminine, with short skirts featuring leg-revealing tulip hemlines, sheer organza pantsuits with an easy cut and casual apron dress with abstract florals.

The designer often layered florals and prints over dark underlays — perhaps a message to see the brighter side of things. At other times he placed a sheer layer over prints, creating a smoky effect. Silken printed skirts opened over a black dress, or a long, draping foulard tucked across the front of a cocktail dress. The prints were inspired by painters, the designer won't say whom.

"I respond to sadness with color," ANSA quoted the designer as saying.

The primary color combinations for daywear are red and purple with black accents, segueing into grays for formal suits and black for evening.

Despite the designer's intentions, long black veils over cocktail dresses had a funereal feel, and somehow the pompoms bouncing on scarves and bedecking caps failed to provide levity. The prevalent bangle shape: Teardrops.



Cate Blanchett looked relaxed in a red-and-white checked double-breasted Armani suit as she arrived to take her front row seat alongside Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

"It's a beautiful sunny day, so I am wearing something light," Blanchett said. "I cannot wait to see the show."

Asked about the industry's moves toward sustainability, championed by the Italian Fashion Chamber, Blanchett responded: "It's the only way forward."



The fashion crowd eased into a day of shows Friday after a late night raising money for AIDS research at the annual amfAR Milan gala.

The amfAR foundation honored Angela Missoni for her contributions to the cause at the Thursday night gala, with tenor Andrea Bocelli entertaining the crowd with Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" in a duet with his wife Veronica Berti.

Bocelli also participated in the auction to raise funds for research, and will host two winning bidders and their guests at a concert and private dinner in Tuscany. The price tag for each package: 35,000 euros ($42,000) toward amfAR's goal of a cure for AIDS by 2020.

Champagne flowed into the wee hours with after-party music by DJs Dimitri From Paris and Johnny Dynell.

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