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New Celebration of Women Coming to Essence Music Festival This Year

Get ready for something new at this year’s Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. It’s a celebration of women featuring a night of performances by an all female lineup! Groove to Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, and more. See who else is being featured:      

Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson in Talks to Star in a Joint Reality Show

  This could possibly be the most controversial reality show of all time. In Touch can exclusively reveal that Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson are in talks to star in a series together — after they were both acquitted of murdering their loved ones. “It will give viewers the inside story on the aftermath of living with the horrible crimes they were ultimately acquitted of,” says a source. It seems to be a big time for the former NFL star, who is now doing time for armed robbery and kidnapping. Our insider adds that there is a chance he won’t serve the full 33-year sentence. “In October a parole board will decide if he will be released early,” the source states, adding “he’s putting Casey on his visitor list, and is even willing to pay for her to visit.” Casey recently spoke out for the first time six years after she faced trial for her daughter, Caylee‘s untimely death. “I can empathize with his situation,” she said of O.J., who was found not guilty for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Man is praised after stopping fight

  He has been praised by LeBron James, Snoop Dogg and soon, the City Council. Ibn Ali Miller, 26, was running an errand for his mother when he came across an altercation between two boys, stopped it and lectured the pugilists as well as a throng of onlookers. In video of the incident, Miller calmly walks toward two boys who are fighting in the middle of the road as a group of teens looks on from the street corner. He points his fingers at the group and said: “Everybody on their phones, y’all the real cowards. Record that, too. It ain’t cool, man,” Miller started lecturing the fighters and gesturing to the crowd. “Y’all in the middle of the street. Look, they laughing. Look. He’s got a big smile on his face. … He’s supposed to be your man.” Miller continues in the more than four-minute clip: “Y’all got parents. Don’t make your parents look like this.” Miller, who is a student and father of five, did not leave until the brawlers shook hands. “It’s sad to say, but it’s not the first fight I broke up and it’s probably not the last,” Miller told the Press of Atlantic City on Tuesday. “You can’t pick that ‘today, I’m gonna stop some kids from fighting’, but God does what he wills.”

Drake and Sade?

I think we can all concluded that Drake has a thing for older women, first it was Jlo now its Sade! Who’s Next??   Drake love for singer/songwriter Sade hasn’t faded at ALL! Which he made very clear on his Instagram yesterday. Drake posted a picture of himself, his mom and none other than the singer with a caption that read “Two very important ladies in my life” and then ended it with an flower emoji. Last year for Drake’s birthday Sade sent him a special gift which was a portrait of the singer and a handwritten note from her that read “The 24th of October 1986 was a very good day. Shine on  Love, Sade.” Drake captioned the video by saying “Woke up to see the most beautiful woman ever in my house. Thank you @ovogelo @valvogt and of course SADE!!!   Looks Like Drake has a Type… Lets See Who He Crushes on Next Read More: Drake Meets With Sade, Says She’s an Important Lady in His Life – XXL |

New Orlando Police Department Location

  On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, the City of Orlando officially opened the Orlando Police Department Headquarters, a state-of-the-art facility that will enhance department operations, utilize the latest technology and provide new ways for our officers to protect and serve our community. This new home for our police department on Orange Blossom Trail was made for you – to make connecting with our officers easier and to make our officers even more accessible to you. The headquarters will be a place where our officers will mentor our youth, where your neighborhood group or homeowners association can host a monthly meeting, where our seniors will get the opportunity to go through our citizen police academy tailored just for them and where a business owner can stop in and sign up for our Safe Place initiative. The headquarters has open, public spaces both inside and out, a community room and a parking zone for online exchanges monitored 24/7. This new location will not only further support the City’s public safety efforts, but will also allow us to further the revitalization efforts in our Parramore community. The new headquarters located on OBT will further spur other investment and improvements in this area where the City has identified as a key cornerstone for strategic growth for the neighborhood. Location: 1250 West South Street Orange Blossom Trail between South Street and Anderson Street. To park, enter off of Woods Avenue.   Source

OPD Unveils New Headquarters

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place this morning for the brand new Orlando Police Department Headquarters. Take a look:    

Still Anticipating a Jodeci Biopic

For the Jodeci fans: Last month during an interview Mr. Dalvin confirmed a Jodeci biopic by the end of this year. Find out more on the story including which TV network is planning to air it:      

Actor Mike Epps’ ex Mechelle seeking $109K in monthly child and spousal support amid split

  Mike Epps is staring at a costly divorce. The 46-year-old actor’s ex-wife Mechelle is asking for $109,036 a month in child and spousal support – and the Los Angeles-area home they shared – to settle their divorce, more than 14 months after Mike filed in January 2016, citing court docs. Mechelle told the court that Mike, who appears in the upcoming Bruce Willis film Death Wish, earns about $3.5 million annually. She said that the Indianapolis, Indiana native – who has restricted her access to bank accounts and credit cards – didn’t want her to get a job in the near 10 years they were wed. Mechelle, a 36-year-old actress, said that she’s having a difficult time finding work at her age, the outlet reported. Among the expenses she’s petitioned the court for include thousands monthly in clothing and hair care expenses, for their daughters, Mariah, 12, and Maddie, 10; annual tuition fees of $72,000 for their private school; and funds for vacations. Mechelle told the court her mother watches the two girls at a monthly cost of $3,500, plus has a Mercedes that has a $600 monthly tab – both expenses she seeks Mike to cover in their settlement. In an interview with the outlet shortly after Epps initially filed last year, Mechelle said The Hangover actor’s plans to divorce were ‘shocking’ to her. ‘You think you’re in a relationship …. and you think loyalty will always win, but … people are people, and sometimes fame gets to their head, you never know,’ she said.

‘Sesame Street’ welcomes Julia, new character with autism

  A character with autism is joining Elmo, Big Bird and the other familiar faces on “Sesame Street.” The iconic children’s show, which airs on PBS and HBO, will introduce a new Muppet, Julia, to TV audiences April 10, according to The Associated Press. Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes” offered a closer look at Julia, who has appeared online and in print as part of Sesame Workshop’s “Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children” initiative since 2015. “It’s important for kids without autism to see what autism can look like,” Julia’s puppeteer, Stacey Gordon, who has a son with autism, told “60 Minutes.” Host Lesley Stahl met Julia and spoke to Elmo and Big Bird about their new friend. “Hi, Julia,” Stahl said to the red-headed Muppet, who remained quiet – the same reaction she’ll have when meeting Big Bird in her upcoming debut episode. “I thought that maybe she didn’t like me,” Big Bird told Stahl. “Yeah, but you know, we had to explain to Big Bird that Julia likes Big Bird – it’s just that Julia has autism, so sometimes it takes her a little longer to do things,” Elmo said. Julia also will struggle with loud noises and make up a game with her new friends. “They decide to play tag together, but Julia’s so excited that she’s jumping up and down,” writer Christine Ferraro told Stahl. “That’s a thing that can be typical of some kids with autism. And then it turns into a game where they’re all jumping like her. So it was a very easy way to show that with a very slight accommodation, they can meet her where she is.”

Bus driver saves crying boy outside with no shoes in freezing weather

  MILWAUKEE —It was anywhere from 22 to 31 degrees on a chilly Milwaukee, Wisconsin, night when bus driver Denise Wilson pulled over for a short midnight break  in January. “It’s after midnight, so I’m just like, am I really seeing what I’m seeing?” she told ABC News. She saw a 5-year-old boy crying outside. The boy was alone, without shoes and was wearing clothes unfit for winter. “He came out of nowhere, out of nowhere. I just happened to look over and heard him crying and he was just running up Center [Street],”she said. The Milwaukee County Transit System shared a surveillance video of Wilson helping the child into the bus, covering him with her coat and giving him some food. She could be heard asking if he was OK and if he was still cold from being outside. Wilson sat with him until the police came. He was eventually returned to his parents. Authorities determined that he “left the house by mistake.” There was no question in Wilson’s mind that God allowed her to be in the right place at the right time. “I’m happy I made that stop,” she said. “You know, I always say God puts us in places, you know, where he needs us at times.” And she knew in that moment that it was time to act: “I’m a child of God, and a lot of times we try to do what’s right when we see something happening, and if we’re there to help and have the ability or means to do it, that’s what we’re supposed to do,” she said. Wilson added that she wasn’t being a hero, she was “just being there to help.”

Disney agrees to pay Florida workers $3.8 million in back wages

  The Walt Disney Co. must pay Florida workers $3.8 million in back wages to comply with federal law, the U.S. Department of Labor said Friday in a statement. The back wages will be paid to more than 16,000 employees of the Disney Vacation Club Management Corp., and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S. Inc. The Department of Labor said Disney resorts in Florida deducted a uniform or “costume” expense that caused some employees’ hourly rates to fall below the federal minimum wage. Tourist Rhys McKay said it was unfortunate that the costumed characters had been penalized monetarily for doing their job. “You know, they’re always smiling,” he said. “They do such a good job for everyone there and it’d be a shame to see them penalized for wearing the costumes that they have to wear, I take it, coming out of their minimum wage.” Former theme park worker Matt Powers was glad to see costumed characters being reimbursed for the fees deducted from their paychecks. “Well, if they’re finally paying the back wages now, it’s about time,” he said. “I guess they deserved it.” The resorts also didn’t compensate employees performing duties during a preshift period before the designated start of their shifts and during a post-shift period, according a statement. Disney released a statement on agreement to pay back wages: “The Department of Labor has identified a group of cast members who may have performed work outside of their scheduled shift and we will be providing a one-time payment to resolve this. We are adjusting our procedures to avoid this in the future.”  

Prince’s ex-wife opens up about the heartbreaking moment their son Amiir was born with a rare genetic disorder

  In her new memoir titled “The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince,” the iconic singer’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia opens up about their son Amiir and his short life. Garcia gave birth to the couple’s child in 1996, but he was born with a rare genetic disorder, Pfeiffer syndrome type 2, and lived for only six days. “I don’t think he ever got over it,” Garcia told PEOPLE of Prince. “I don’t know how anybody can get over it. I know I haven’t.” She found out she was pregnant when she was 22-years-old, and she and Prince were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Amiir. Garcia’s pregnancy went smoothly until she began bleeding one day. Her doctor recommended testing for genetic disorders, but warned that the procedure could cause a miscarriage. “My husband said, ‘No, we’re not doing that,’” she said, adding that Prince prayed the words, “Please, bless this child. We know you won’t allow this child to be harmed.” Prince refused medical intervention, and on October 16, 1996 Garcia gave birth to their son via c-section. “I don’t know how to describe the look on my husband’s face. Pure joy,” Garcia wrote in her memoir. “And then they held the baby up to those harsh lights. The elation on my husband’s face turned to pure terror.” Amiir’s condition caused skeletal and systematic abnormalities, she explained. “The premature fusing of the bones in the skull, sometimes resulting in ‘cloverleaf skull,’ in which the eyes are outside the sockets. The fusion of bones in the hands and feet causing a webbed or pawlike appearance … I learned all of this later.” In the following days, Amiir underwent several operations, but tragically passed away six days later.

Fight over doughnuts leads to shooting death in Florida


One man is dead and a sheriff’s deputy is injured after a standoff that all started with an argument about doughnuts, police said.

Pinellas County deputies were called to a home in St. Petersburg on Wednesday after an argument broke out between a Jeffrey Falsey, 24, and his mother, police said.

“He went off today over doughnuts, something as silly and stupid as doughnuts,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said.

During a standoff, Falsey fired off at least 30 rounds at deputies, squad cars and neighboring homes, hitting a deputy in the leg.

A SWAT team and a negotiator were called to the scene to talk to Falsey, who then surrendered, FOX13 reported.

After the shooting stopped, deputies found Daniel Kulwicki, 68, the fiancee of Falsey’s mother, dead inside the house.

Police said Falsey has a history of mental illness and a previous arrest for domestic violence, and also said Falsey was upset that Kulwicki, a registered sex offender, was living in the home.

He was charged with murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Woman’s face burned after headphones explode in mid-flight

  While sleeping on a flight from Beijing to Australia, a woman woke up to the sound of a loud explosion and a burning sensation on her face. Two hours into her flight, the woman’s battery-operated headphones exploded and caught fire, according to a press release from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). “I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor. They were sparking and had small amounts of fire,” the woman told ATSB. Flight attendants helped put out the fire from the headphones, but both the battery and cover melted to the floor of the plane. Passengers smelled melted plastic, burnt hair and smoke for the remainder of the flight. “People were coughing and choking the entire way home,” the passenger told ATSB. ATSB officials said the batteries in the headphones likely caught fire, and listed safety precautions when bringing battery-powered devices on an aircraft.

Prosecutors won’t seek death penalty for Markeith Loyd

  Prosecutors will not seek the death penalty for Markeith Loyd, the man accused of murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an Orlando police officer who tried to arrest him, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said Wednesday. Mina said he spoke with Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala and was “extremely upset” by the decision. “I have seen the video of Markeith Loyd executing Lt. Debra Clayton while she lay defenseless on the ground. She was given no chance to live,” Mina said in a statement. “A cop killer — who also killed his pregnant girlfriend — should not be given that chance. The heinous crimes that he committed in our community are the very reason we have the death penalty as an option under the law.” Ayala could not be reached Wednesday night. The president of Orlando’s police union decried the decision as well. “If this is information is correct, this would be an epic injustice to the family of Lt. Debra Clayton as well as every single Law Enforcement Officer in the 9th Judicial Circuit,” Shawn Dunlap, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 25. “The death penalty is the law of the land in the State of Florida and I believe that if there ever was a case for its use this would be the one.” Loyd is accused of shooting Sade Dixon, his pregnant ex-girlfriend, outside her home on Dec. 13. He allegedly injured her brother and shot at other family members before fleeing. On Jan. 9, a passer-by at the Walmart on John Young Parkway spotted him and alerted Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton, who was paroling the area. Clayton approached and tried to arrest him. Loyd allegedly started shooting, hitting Clayton’s thigh.  She shot back and then retreated. Loyd followed her, police said, shooting and killing her while she was on the ground. He then escaped. Loyd was arrested about a week later after a region-wide manhunt. He has been in the Orange County Jail since mid-January, and has been acting as his own attorney in court appearances.  

Ciara’s Best Friend Sits on Russell Wilson’s Lap

During an International Women’s Day Instagram Live post, Ciara’s husband, Russell Wilson asked their best friend to sit on his lap. Would you be okay with that? Personally, I don’t care how innocent it may have been…I just wouldn’t want my best friend sitting on my husband’s lap. I’d need to have a chat with both to help them realize how that might look. Read the full story: Feel free to share your thoughts on “Lap-gate!” LOL!

Blizzard can’t stop man’s daily plunge into ocean in memory of sons

Even a blizzard can’t stop Chucky’s Fight against addiction. The New Hampshire man who set out to fight addiction after his lifelong struggle with it and the loss of his two sons to overdoses jumped into the Hampton River during a blizzard Tuesday. Chucky Rosa jumps into a body of water every day — even on the coldest days and during blizzards. He takes that moment every day to cleanse and remember. “They were really good boys, very solid, solid people — tough as nails, physically, mentally. That just tells you about drug addiction. If it can take them, trust me, it can take anybody.” When his sons died, they were cremated. Their ashes were spread in the ocean, so he returns there every day to visit them.

Man confesses to date rape during police job interview, lands in jail instead

  A West Virginia man mistakenly confessed to a date rape while interviewing for a probation officer job in South Charleston and is now facing sexual assault charges. Instead of landing a job, Tyler Ray Price, landed behind bars. Police said during an interview for the officer’s job Feb. 8, Price, 21, admitted he’d been out drinking with a woman, had a sexual encounter with her, then used his phone to record her, according to a report by WCHS TV. Police later interviewed the victim who said she never consented and had no memory of the sexual encounter or being videotaped. Police also said that Price contacted the woman after the interview, confessing to what he’d done, WCHS reported. He’s now jailed on a $25,000 bond on sexual assault charges.  

Snoop Dogg shoots fake-President Trump in new video ‘Lavender’

  Snoop Dogg has made it clear that he’s no Trump supporter, speaking out against the president through his 2016 campaign and again 50 days into his administration. In Snoop’s latest music video for Lavender, a remix featuring BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada, the rapper literally takes aim at Trump, pointing a gun at a clown dressed like the president. In an interview with Billboard, Snoop claimed that “nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this (expletive) clown as president,” with his rapper peers only focused on releasing “party music.” The rapper also listed his many issues with President Trump, including the “ban that (he) tried to put up; him winning the presidency; police being able to kill … and get away with it (and) people being in jail for weed for 20, 30 years,” he said. “It’s a lot of clown (stuff) going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about, but it’s a few issues that we really wanted to lock into (for the video) like police, the president and just life in general.” The video’s director, Jesse Wellens, told Billboard that the video was inspired by the shooting of Philando Castile last summer. According to Snoop, his focus on the track was “making a song that was not controversial but real — real to the voice of the people who don’t have a voice.” (Warning: Video contains explicit language)  

Quincy Jones’ Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson’s Estate Moves Forward

It began back in 2013 when Quincy Jones filed suit against Michael Jackson’s estate for what he considers his share of the royalties. A judge in the case denied a summary judgment, so the lawsuit went to trial February 21. No word yet on the outcome. The battle continues. Read more on the lawsuit’s claims here: Meanwhile, Quincy Jones is celebrating his 84th birthday today. Happy Birthday “Q!”  
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