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Lamar Odom Opens Up About Drug Addiction

In a recent video, former NBA Star Lamar Odom opened up about drug addiction, death of loved ones and more! Watch the emotional video below.



You have to give Lamar Odom credit for being this honest about such a sensitive subject, and getting the help he needs.

Quincy Jones Wins $9.4 Million From Michael Jackson’s Estate

Quincy Jones has prevailed in a case he launched nearly four years ago against MJJ Productions, the record label founded by Michael Jackson, and Sony Music, over the “disguising” of royalties and breach of his contracts with Michael Jackson. In yesterday’s decision, a jury in Los Angeles Superior Court awarded Jones $9.4 million.

Jones’ lawsuit charged that MJJ Productions, the record label Jackson founded that is now administered by Jackson’s estate, and Sony Music began to capitalize on Jackson’s work after his death, reissuing music that was remixed or edited without Jones’ approval. According to Jones’ contracts with Jackson and Sony Music, which go back to 1978, Jones would have first crack at this type of work.

The work that MJJ productions and Sony Music released after Jackson’s death included a 2012 re-release of  Bad, the concert film  This Is It and its accompanying soundtrack album and two Cirque du Soleil productions.

Jones’ complaint also accused Jackson’s estate of “disguising” royalties made from the various productions, films and albums by classifying them as profits, which prevented Jones’ royalties from being accurately calculated. Jones asked for $30.3 million; the estate countered that Jones was owed less than $400,000 due to accounting errors on their part.

Jenifer Lewis settles LA Fitness lawsuit over ‘Con Man’ Ex

Actress Jenifer Lewis has reportedly settled her lawsuit with LA Fitness over a trainer she says conned her out of $50,000.

Back in January, the “Black-ish” star filed a lawsuit claiming LA Fitness contributed to her loss by not properly vetting the manager, who met the star at the company’s West Hollywood location and began dating shortly afterward.

Three months into the relationship, he asked her to loan him $50,000 for a film he was producing. She gave him the money, only to find out eventually that he was a con man with a record.

LA Fitness, meanwhile, argues that they run background checks on all employees and that the check on the man involved did not reveal any of what Lewis claimed to be true. is reporting that the two parties have since reached a settlement, in which LA Fitness did not admit any guilt.

LA Fitness said that they had offered the settlement in an attempt to close this chapter for good, and that the actress is dragging it out to gain publicity. The company is now demanding that Lewis drop her charges, which she reportedly agreed to do five days after receiving the payment.

LOL…Sean Spicer could be joining ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ report says

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was seen in Manhattan Wednesday, and according to Page Six, the reason for his visit may be negotiations for “Dancing with the Stars.”

They report that sources saw Spicer leaving meetings with NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, apparently shopping his contacts, knowledge and know-how after abruptly departing the Trump administration last week. Spicer, apparently, is a big ratings draw, not to mention being a prominent and recognizable face from the administration.

A source that Page Six calls a TV insider said Spicer’s move to “Dancing with the Stars” “has legs,” adding that DWTS reached out to him to inquire about it.

Page Six said Spicer said, “I have no comment” when asked about the report. An ABC network representative said, “We don’t comment on casting.”

Spicer wouldn’t be the first Republican to appear on the show. Former Texas governor and current Energy Secretary Rick Perry competed on season 23 of DWTS after losing the presidential nomination.



Teen allegedly harassed by police for mowing lawns in affluent neighborhood

While he was mowing lawns and handing out business cards, a black teen said that he was harassed by a Harris County Precinct 1 police officer.

The teen, identified as 19-year-old Marvin Gibson, captured the incident on video.

The video shows the officer asking Gibson for his identification and an explanation of why he is going door to door. The teen provides his business card and explains that he is giving out his cards to promote a lawn care service.

The video showed the officer asking Gibson for his identification and an explanation of why he is going door to door. The teen provided his business card and explained that he is giving out his cards to promote a lawn care service. The officer asked him for his name and date of birth. The young man provided this information but then asked the officer why he is asking him about his personal information. The officer responded, “I’m investigating what you are doing.” Gibson is confused by that response since he has already explained that he is providing business cards for a lawn care service. Seemingly frustrated about being questioned, the officer told the teen that, regardless, he is supposed to provide identification anytime an officer asks for it. Gibson then asked for the officer’s card. The officer responded by taking out his handcuffs and indicated that he will just arrest the teen.. Gibson backed away, telling the officer that he is on video. A second teenager appeared on the video, questioning why they are being stopped. As the camera panned around, it showed a lawnmower, care equipment and the business cards that the teens are using. As the second teenager explained that they don’t understand why they are being questioned for mowing grass and putting out business cards, the officer said, “Put your hands down,” even though the video does not show either teen with their hands in the air. At this point, the teens pointed out that they are clearly doing lawn care and told the officer that they believe they have been profiled for being young black males. From behind the camera, Gibson explained that they are questioning the officer’s behavior, because they are concerned about it happening again to someone else, potentially resulting in someone getting hurt. The teen returned home. However, officers soon came to his home and continued pressing him, claiming they need identification from Gibson. At the end of the video, the teens included snapshots of injuries they claimed they received during a raid of their home that followed the incident. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I SAID WE NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO “THE TALK.”

Orlando Unity Global Business Incubator Now Open

Congratulations to Rena Mack Peterson, founder of Orlando Unity Global. She’s creating business opportunities for minority entrepreneurs. Her business incubator and Orlando Unity Global field is now open on Bruton Blvd next to the J.R. Smith Center in Orlando.

Find out how to get involved and learn how to start and build your business:


Heartbreaking New Ad Captures ‘The Talk’ Black Parents Have With Their Kids


Proctor & Gamble has created a stirring new ad that shows the painful-yet-necessary conversation that often takes place between parents and children in African American households.

Commonly known as “The Talk,” this cross-generational discussion involves black mothers and fathers preparing their children for the cruel unfairness of racism in its various forms.

In the ad, which spans several decades, parents tell their children how to deal with being called the N-word and the need to be twice as good as their white counterparts to succeed. One mother asks her son if he has his ID before leaving the house, “in case they stop you.”

Another mother says to her little girl, “You are not pretty for a black girl. You are beautiful, period. Don’t ever forget that.”

The spot is part of Proctor & Gamble’s “My Black is Beautiful” campaign and hails from the creative firm BBDO in partnership with the minority-certified consulting firm Egami Consulting Group.

Said Proctor & Gamble’s director of global company communications Damon Jones in a statement, “These real-life conversations about conscious and unconscious bias are too common in homes across the country and weigh heavily on parents and children of many different backgrounds. We take seriously the opportunity to spark dialogue on what we all can do to put an end to the harmful effects of bias, and motivate true change.”

Watch Proctor & Gamble’s “The Talk” below:


Catch Raven Symone & More! Tomorrow on the Tom Joyner Morning Show!

Tomorrow on the Tom Joyner Morning show, Bill Bellamy’s Got Beef! Also at 8:50a, special guest Raven Symone!   GettyImages-526638022.jpg

Be sure to listen to the Tom Joyner Morning Show on STAR 94.5 tomorrow morning starting at 6a!

Kevin Hart Practices His Spanish On Vacation! LOL!

Who knew Kevin Hart could speak Spanish this good?



Don’t forget to follow STAR 94.5 on Instagram!

John Legend: Trump ‘Wants People to Die’ So He Can Embarrass Obama


After Donald Trump tweeted to let Obamacare fail, John Legend hit up social media to fire off a response.

“As I have always said, let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan. Stay tuned!” 45 tweeted on Tuesday, July 18.

The singer responded: “Your president wants more people to die so he can embarrass Obama.”

Your president wants more people to die so he can embarrass Obama. — John Legend (@johnlegend) July 18, 2017

On Monday, the Senate once again failed to pass the latest draft of a Republican-led health care bill after months of working to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, has also been critical of Trump. She recently described him as someone who’s “71 f–king years old” that needs to “Grow. The f–k. Up.”

John Legend routinely uses his Twitter account — which boasts a little more than 9.5 million followers — to spark conversations about political issues such as police brutality, the refugee crisis and the Trump administration.

Last month he tweeted: “Our liar-in-chief is very familiar with fake news.”

R. Kelly Hires Bill Cosby’s Ex-Attorney Monique Pressley Amid Sex Cult Claims


R. Kelly has reportedly hired Bill Cosby’s former attorney, Monique Pressley, to help him deal with allegations that he holds young women captive in a sex cult.

Citing exclusive sources, says the DC-based trial attorney has signed on with Kells after stepping down as a member of Cosby’s legal team in his sexual assault case. Her exit in Aug 2016 followed weeks of her staunch defense of the comedian in TV interviews.

The Pressley Firm PLLC, of which she is the lead attorney, specializes in civil litigation, crisis management and communications. Pressley has also been an ordained evangelical minister since 2007.

Linda Mensch, another attorney for Kelly, issued a statement on her client’s behalf last week, following allegations that he is holding young woman captive in a “sex cult” at various properties in Chicago and Atlanta:

“Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him. Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such allegations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.’”



Gun sales among African Americans have seen a sharp increase of late, and leading the charge are black women taking extra steps to battle back against domestic violence, according to a new report from The Associated Press.

“It’s important, especially for black women, to learn how to shoot,” said  Marchelle “Tig” Tigner, a survivor of domestic violence who trains women on firing guns. “We need to learn how to defend ourselves.”

Few states track gun permits by race or gender. But a recent study by gun-rights advocate and researcher  John Lott showed that black women outpaced other races and genders in securing concealed carry permits between 2000 and 2016 in Texas, one of the few states that keep detailed demographic information, reports The AP.

A study by the Pew Research Center released this month showed that just 16 percent of “non-white women” identified themselves as gun owners, compared with about 25 percent of white women. Other Pew surveys in recent years have shown a growing acceptance of firearms among African-Americans: In 2012, one found that less than a third of black households viewed gun ownership as positive; three years later, that number had jumped. By then, 59 percent of black families saw owning guns as a necessity.

In recent months, he said politics also have emerged as a reason why he finds more blacks interested in becoming gun owners.

“Regardless of what side you’re on, in the fabric of society right now, there’s an undertone, a tension that you see that groups you saw on the fringes 20 years ago are now in the open,” said  Philip Smith, founder of the National African American Gun Association. “It seems to me it’s very cool to be a racist right now, it’s in fashion, it’s a trend.”


Happy Birthday Keith Sweat! Do You Remember This Performance?

Happy Birthday Keith Sweat!!! Here’s Kieth Sweat in Orlando at The House Of Blues back in February. Do you remember this performance?


Cocoa police recommend charges against teens investigators said taunted, recorded drowning man


The teenagers who police said did nothing to help a drowning man and instead recorded the incident and mocked him may now face charges, Cocoa police said.

At first, the suspects were not going to be charged in connection with 31-year-old Jamel Dunn’s death.

Investigators were told by the State Attorney’s Office that while there was no moral justification for the July 12 incident at Bracco Pond Park, there wasn’t sufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution under Florida statutes.

Police announced Friday that they would be able to recommend charges against the teens under a Florida statute saying that a person who witnesses a death must report it to a medical examiner.

Police said it’s a misdemeanor charge that hasn’t been applied in a case like this.

The State Attorney’s Office will decide if a case is filed.

In the video, police said a group of teenage boys can be heard yelling things like, “We’re not going to help you and you never should have gotten in there,” as Dunn screamed for help and struggled in the water.

One of the teenagers mentioned marijuana in the nearly three-minute video.

Their identities have not been released.

Bodycam video appears to show Baltimore police officer planting evidence in drug bust, public defender says


Bodycam footage allegedly shows a Baltimore police officer tampering with evidence by planting what appears to be drugs, according to the Maryland Office of the Public Defender.

The video was taken on January 24 when three police officers were searching for drugs in a yard filled with debris, Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Jason Johnson said in a press release Wednesday.

The footage purports to show one of the officers hiding a bag of drugs in a can and then later “finding” the drugs, while two other officers “look on and take no action,” the public defender’s office said in a press release.


During the press conference, Johnson showed reporters four separate videos, which he said “depict the incident in greater totality.” The first and second videos showed the traffic stop of the person who drove away, while the third video showed the man in the hooded sweatshirt, who police believe to be the drug dealer, being arrested at the convenience store. The fourth video showed the extensive search of the yard filled with debris.

The last video “sort of depicts what seems to be the discovery of a second bag of heroin, but in the early part of the video, it’s clear that that bag had actually been placed there by the police officer,” Johnson said.

“I think it’s fair to say the video purports to be the first discovery of that second bag containing heroin, but it’s clear that, in fact, is not the first discovery of that particular bag,” Johnson said. “And, of course, that’s the video that we have all seen.”

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said investigators are looking into the “possibility” that the officers “replaced drugs that they had already discovered in order to document their discovery with their body-worn cameras on.”

No conclusions have been reached, Davis said, calling the allegations made by the public defender’s office “as serious as it gets.”

“If people need to be held accountable, they will be held accountable,” Davis said.

Happy Birthday To This Funk Music Legend!

Happy birthday to funk music pioneer George Clinton! He turns 76 today!

Whats your favorite George Clinton song?

STAR 94.5 Visits The Jones High School Marching Tigers!

Earlier this week, JoJo had the opportunity to visit the Marching Tigers of Jones High School during their band camp! We had a great time after dropping off water, snacks, and sweat towels to help the kids this week. Jojo even showed the band some of her majorette moves! LOL!

The students were so nice, and inviting! It was a plus to see them using their summer to do something positive as well! Any Jones High Alumni out there?! Represent!

Police: Duo carjacks woman, 93, drags her 20 feet outside DeLand church


DeLAND, Fla. – Two men carjacked a 93-year-old woman and dragged her 20 feet Thursday morning while she was on her way to church, the DeLand Police Department said.

The duo shoved the woman to the ground and took her keys at about 8:15 a.m. outside Saint Peter Catholic Church at West New York Avenue and North Delaware Avenue, city spokesman Chris Graham said.

Investigators said the carjackers drove the Chrysler erratically as officers followed them. They said the men drove through yards before crashing the car in a wooded area at West Winnemissett Avenue and South High Street.

David Leo Perkins III, 21, of Daytona Beach, and Darius Matthews, 20, were arrested not long after ditching the wrecked vehicle, Graham said.

Investigators said the victim, Maraquita Steinmetz, of DeLand, was on her way to daily Mass when she was attacked. She said she pulled into the parking lot, and one of the suspects was on a bicycle. He approached her, grabbed the keys and pushed her aside, police said. Steinmetz held onto the steering wheel as the man began to drive away. Steinmetz couldn’t hold onto the steering wheel any longer and fell to the ground, police said.

Police said Steinmetz had some cuts and bruises, but she wasn’t seriously injured.

Matthews told investigators he didn’t know about the carjacking or that he didn’t know Perkins. He later admitted to investigators that Perkins was his cousin. Matthews said he and Perkins were near the church when he said it would be easier if they had a vehicle, police said. Matthews said Peters left for a second and came back with the vehicle, investigators said.

Price told investigators he was punched in the face by Matthews and forced to drive the vehicle. He later admitted that was a lie but said Matthews pulled up to him on the side of the road and told him to drive the vehicle, investigators said. Perkins then requested a lawyer.

DeLand PD arrest 2 men after investigators say they carjacked an elderly woman outside St Peter's church & crashed her car — Mike Springer WFTV (@mspringerwftv) July 20, 2017

Kevin Hart Laughs at ‘BS’ Allegations He Cheated on Pregnant Wife Eniko Parrish



When it comes to rumors, comedian Kevin Hart has one response: laughter.

The 32-year-old  Ride Along star posted a photo of himself in mid-cackle to Instagram on Wednesday, appearing to respond to claims that he had been caught cheating on his pregnant wife after photos of him in a car with a woman after a nightclub appearance in Miami Beach surfaced online.

“At the end of the day, you just gotta laugh at the BS,” Hart wrote, seemingly dismissing the claims — which had caused his name to trend on Twitter throughout the day. “#LiveLoveLaugh ….. [Shaking my damn head].”

Hart and wife — Eniko Parrish, 32 — married last August in a lavish California ceremony after a two-year engagement and many years together. “I already feel married, the wedding is really just for her.”

She shared on Wednesday that she had reached the six-month mark of her pregnancy, and was feeling “GREAT.”

Hart previously told  Entertainment Weekly he always puts his family first and never wants to let fame get in the way.

“Regardless of my level of success, I don’t ever want to lose the family feeling of a home,” he said. “I don’t want to be in a mansion where I have to find my kids on the east wing,” he continued. “I want to sit on the couch and be able to yell into the kitchen, ‘Hey come on, let’s go outside and ride a bike!’ I like two dogs, I like a fence. I don’t need no dolphins. I don’t need a shark in my shark tank.”

Alright Kevin, do the right thing……


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