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Florida couple overcharged thousands at the pump

A Florida couple said a Fort Myers gas station made a major mistake when they went to fill up their tank.

Susan Gower claimed they were charged thousands of dollars for gas that was never bought. “He filled his car up maybe $20 or something like that,” said Gower. “He used his credit card.”

When trying to use that same credit card the following day, it was declined. Upon checking their account, they discovered the near $10,000 problem. “It was just shocking,” said Gower.

When she went back to look at her receipt from the Valero gas station, Gower noticed they mistakenly charged her for more than 27,000 gallons worth of gas.

That’s when she called her bank to cancel the transaction. “The bank said they would get with Valero and have them reverse the charges,” said Gower. “Very simple.”

Although, what she thought would be a simple refund took more than two weeks to get fixed. Gower said the gas station owner tried fighting her claim.

“It stemmed from the glitch at his gas pump, and he just wouldn’t own up to the fact that he was wrong,” Gower said. “I’m a teacher and my 10 year olds know that they need to own up to their mistakes and try and make it right and apologize. That’s what makes me mad.”

After attempting to call the gas station owner once more and ask if he would help with the overdrawn bank fees, the owner hung up the phone.

If this doesn't make you go inside the gas station and conduct your transaction, I don't know what will. Be careful.

Denzel Washington takes plea deal in strangling of Aretha Franklin


On Wednesday, a New York man named Denzel Washington took a plea deal   for strangling his mother, whose name is Aretha Franklin.

The attack happened inside the mother’s apartment on West 93rd Street, according to the criminal complaint.

“I am informed by Aretha Franklin,” the complaint says, “that she observed the defendant place his hands around her neck and apply pressure, thereby causing redness, bruising and substantial pain to her neck.”

Washington’s plea deal means he will have to attend an anger management program, and he’s also been sentenced to a conditional discharge.

Franklin, nor Washington, are actually related to their namesakes.

After Traffic Stop, Cop Drives Man More Than 100 Miles To Join Family Grieving Over Death of His Teenage Sister


At 3 a.m., Mark Ross learned his 15-year-old sister had just been killed in a car wreck. Stunned and shocked, and without a car, he convinced someone he knew to drive him from Indiana to Detroit.

It was a risky proposition. The man had a suspended driver’s license, but Ross begged him. They were speeding down an Ohio highway when, sure enough, they were pulled over by the state highway patrol.

Ross also had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. But instead of going to jail, he ended up being driven more than 100 miles by Sgt. David Robison, who prayed over him and delivered him to a Detroit coffee shop where Ross’s cousin came to get him.

His family, he said, is eternally grateful for Robison’s generosity of spirit. They have invited him to the young girl’s services.

I think we all needed a feel good story.......hope this helped. 

ITT Tech shuts down; students may be eligible for loan forgiveness


ITT Technical Institute shut down on Tuesday, closing its 130 campuses nationwide.

The closure affected about 40,000 students in 38 states. It follows other failures in the for-profit college industry as the federal government has cut off the flow of student aid funds.

U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. said current or recently enrolled ITT students may be eligible to have their federal student loans discharged and restart their education somewhere new. The amount of student loans that could be discharged totals about $500 million.

National Consumer Law Center attorney Abby Shafroth said, “In light of ITT’s closure announcement, we reiterate our call that the Department act to protect currently enrolled and former ITT students, including by discharging the federal student loans of students who were unable to complete their program at ITT due to the closure–without requiring individual applications for discharge–and by fully investigating ITT’s recruitment and enrollment practices to help ensure that former ITT students harmed by misconduct get relief from their federal loans through the borrower defense process or other remedies available.”





Watch black C-Span guest respond to white caller on how to erase his prejudices

A video making the rounds on social media shows a frank conversation between a white caller and a black guest on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” during which the caller asks the woman how he can stop being prejudiced against people of color.

The North Carolina man called in Sunday and spoke to Heather McGhee, the president of public policy organization Demos. In the video, McGhee can be seen nodding her head thoughtfully as the man speaks.

The unidentified man told McGhee, in part: “I’m a white male, and I am prejudiced. And the reason it is, is something I wasn’t taught but it’s kind of something that I learned.

“When I open up the papers, I get very discouraged at what young black males are doing to each other and at the crime rate. I understand that they live in an environment with a lot of drugs — you have to get money for drugs. It is a deep issue that goes beyond that. But when, I have these different fears, and I don’t want my fears to come true, you know, so I try to avoid that, and I come off as being prejudiced, but I just have fears. I don’t like to be forced to like people. I like to be led to like people through example. What can I do to change? You know? To be a better American?”

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McGhee responded by thanking the man.

“Thank you so much for being honest and for opening up this conversation, because it is simply one of the most important ones we have to have in this country,” she said. “You know, we are not a country that is united, because we are all one racial group that all descended from one tribe in one community.

“That is actually, I think, what makes this country beautiful, but it’s our challenge.”

She told the man that people of all races and backgrounds hold fears and prejudices. She said that for him to acknowledge his was “one of the most powerful things that we can do right now in this moment in our history.”

McGhee offered the man several ideas on how he could get rid of his fear of black people. She told him not to form opinions about people of color from the news, which she said over-represents crimes committed by people of color, but to get to know black families, to join a black or interracial church if he is religious and to read the history of the black community.

She also urged him to start conversations about race within his own community.

McGhee said the United States is still a very segregated country.

“Millions of white Americans live in places where they rarely see anyone of a different race,” she said. “This fear and set of ideas that we only get from the worst possible news; it’s tearing us apart.”

She said Americans must foster relationships across race, gender and age.

“We have to get to know who one another actually is. And we are always, I think, as Americans surprised when we build relationships across race,” McGhee said.

As of Wednesday, McGhee’s conversation with the man had been viewed more than 2 million times on Demos’ Facebook page. See their exchange below. 

Conversations like this one between Demos President Heather McGhee and a caller striving to learn how to confront his prejudices are the key to coming together and solving problems in this country.Posted by Demos on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pro-Trump pastor regrets cartoon of Clinton in blackface, but "not the message"


Donald Trump always has something to say on Twitter  but now, Pastor Mark Burns, a Trump supporter’s tweet is creating outrage.

It shows an image of Hillary Clinton in blackface, at a time when Trump is reaching out to minority groups. Now, the top African American adviser to Trump is apologizing for posting the racially offensive cartoon of Clinton, undercutting any serious Trump effort to appeal to African-American voters.

 Pastor Mark Burns posted a tweet depicting Hillary Clinton in blackface and accusing her of pandering to African American voters. “It’s not racist to be proud to be an American,” Burns told a rally in Jackson, Mississippi. Burns, a frequent warm-up act for Trump,  at first said he did no wrong.

“The picture is designed to do draw attention to the very fact that Hillary Clinton do pander after black groups, after black people,” Burns stated.

But later, Burns deleted the tweet, apologizing for the imagery, saying, “I regret the offensiveness of the black face,” but not the message.

“I still stand by what the image represents but I think that, you know, I should have used better judgment,” Burns said.

The cartoon firestorm heightens the tension around the presidential conversation about race relations, with the candidates’ ongoing exchanging of attacks that accuse each other of racism.

Not sure abou you, but I will be so HAPPY when this elecion is over in November...


Tyler Perry to Cover Funeral Expenses of Twins who Died in Hot Car

Big Ups to Tyler Perry Once again the entertainment mogul showed that his heart is in the right place by providing some much need relief for a Georgia mother whose twin infant daughters died last week because their father left them in a hot car.

After watching a report about the children’s death on Channel 2 Action News did with their mother, Breal Ellis, Perry called the newsroom and said he would pay for the funeral.

Ellis’ daughters, 15-month old Ariel Roxanne North and Alaynah Maryanne North, were found dead in a hot car Thursday. The father, Asa North, 24, was arrested and faces two involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct charges.

Ellis, who was checking on another family member who was injured in a car crash at the time of the girls’ death, didn’t know how she was going to pay for the twins’ funeral. Sadly, she lost another child a few years ago.

Teens ask for jobs to stay out of gangs, immediately get hired

The four teens knocked on Zsa Zsa Heard’s door looking for work Wednesday. The boys ages 13-14 told the director of the LaGrange Housing Authority that they are approached “all the time” by gang members trying to recruit them and they did not want to get in trouble.

Heard hired Dylik, Dennis, Deion and Jalen on the spot.

“Several of their teachers (Facebook) inboxed me and told me what good kids they were,” Heard stated. “They said if you give them the support they need, they are going to be successful.”

They have kept busy helping in the community garden picking vegetables and tending to the chicken coup as well as passing out mail and handling other deliveries.

One of the new employees has already expressed an interest in a career working with livestock.

Heard said this is not the first time the group has sought work. She paired them with a maintenance worker who show them basic carpentry skills during Thanksgiving and winter break last year.

The teens have a job there for as long as they want Heard said. They also are going to be put into leadership and mentorship programs.

"If they feel that they’re valuable, and if we show them how important they are, then we don’t risk losing them,” Heard stated. "I don’t want them to seek the love and attention from the negative. I want them to find their value in other things."

Pulse Club Survivor Calls ‘Crisis Actor’ Allegations ‘Outrageous’


Not long after 20-year-old Patience Carter shared her account of the Orlando terror attack  that left more than 100 victims at Pulse nightclub either dead, or injured, she began to receive harassing messages and death threats from conspiracy theorists who believe she is a crisis actor.

Carter claimed shooter, Omar Mateen, tried not to target Black clubgoers— even though she was shot in the leg, while her friend was killed. Despite her chilling account, many have concluded that the Philly native, and former intern at Fox News affiliate WTFX, is actually a “crisis actor.”

Crisis actors are people paid by the government or media to deceive the public through signs of trauma and suffering after staged acts of violence, like mass shootings or terrorist attacks. Supporters of the theory that Carter is an “actor” tried to prove her involvement in  the “false flag” event. 

Carter addressed the rumor on Instagram Saturday (June 18) and announce that she’s officially discharged from the hospital.

“Thank you to all of the supporters who reached out to me and my family, and thank you to all the skeptics that believe my pain isn’t real,” she wrote. “It’s your outrageous insensitivity that makes me want to heal even faster, and grow even stronger.”

Bill Anderson, a weekend co-anchor at the station, posted on Facebook support for Carter, writing: “Patience Carter is motivated, intelligent and ambitious, she didn’t deserve this, nor did any of the others,” he wrote Sunday. “They remain in our thoughts and prayers!”

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Orlando club shooting was actually a government hoax. Sorry you imbeciles, but we live here and will forever feel this pain.

What are your thoughts?

Gunshot Victim Becomes Doctor at Same Hospital That Saved His Life


Nine years ago, Detroit native Kevin Morton Jr. received a gunshot wound that put him in a coma for weeks. Doctors gave him a 10% chance of survival, and not only did Morton beat the odds, but this month, he graduated from medical school.

Morton said the level of care he received after the incident was what inspired him to turn his life around and pursue a career in medicine. 

At the time of the attack, Kevin Morton Jr. was just 22, struggling through college, and working full-time at an Arby’s on Detroit’s 8 Mile Road. A man shot him one night as he was closing up the restaurant.

Morton suffered wounds to his diaphragm, pancreas, and intestines as well as a collapsed lung. He was fed through an IV for a year afterwards.

When he got back on his feet, Morton decided to re-start college in a premed program at Oakland University. “When you get a second chance at life you have a new-found purpose,” he said. “Maybe there will be someone else who will come in with potential and all they need is a fighting chance.”

This summer, Morton will begin his residency at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit, the same facility where he received treatment.

“It has been nothing but a fuel to my passion, being in the same hospital and sometimes having triggered memories. I just live it as a blessing every day,” Morton said. “I thank God everyday. I’m so thankful I have this opportunity.”

We are too of luck!

24 items
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