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Rosene Johnson, Executive Director of PACE Center for Girls

This week, Monica May 's guest on Community Connection was Rosene Johnson, the new Executive Director of PACE Center for girls. It's the perfect place for a middle or high school girl who's had a hiccup in her own school. PACE girls are given another chance to work toward their diploma. If you're interested in finding out more about PACE Center, go to or call 407-992-0456.


May - Mental Health Awareness month – Dr. Epitropoulos/Tiffany Moore Russell

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we looked at two important factors – Eating to maintain better health. Dr. Epitropoulos has a Health and Wellness Clinic in Ormond Beach and empowered listeners to reach for your highest potential naturally. He shared ways to eat healthier for better mental and overall health Call him for more (386) 274-2520 and Clerk of the Court Tiffany Moore Russell will host a Mental Health Lunch and Learn May 25th at the court house – it’s Free and open to the community. There are several ways to help people with mental or substance abuse issues. Go to for details on the luncheon also.


Restoration of Rights Workshop / Dr. Jennifer Porter Smith, Legends Academy Executive Director

Two guests this morning, Orange County Clerk’s office is partnering with Central Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials to host a Restoration of Rights Workshop Friday April 27th 10:00am – 2:00pm in the Orange County Courthouse Jury Assembly Room – 1st Floor (425 N. Orange Avenue – downtown Orlando). For more info visit Dr. Jennifer Porter Smith is the Legends Academy (formerly Nap Ford Charter School) Executive Director. We talked about the direction of the charter school that now serves over 400 scholars in Kindergarten through 7th Grade in the Washington Shores area. To find out more visit


Clerk Restoration Event

The Orange County Clerk of the Court Tiffany Moore Russell is partnering with Central Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials to host a Restoration of Right Workshop Friday April 27th 10am – 2pm in the Orange County Courthouse Jury Assembly room on the 1st Floor. If you have been convicted of a felony, you have lost your civil rights. This includes the right to vote, serve on a jury, hold public office, obtain certain licenses, apply for certain or even housing. Don’t worry about your court documents, just bring your driver’s license preferably, if you don't have that any form of ID so they can look up your records.


Mr. George Oliver III, City Commissioner of Ocoee

Since Reconstruction, Ocoee like much of the South had been dominated by white Southern Democrats. Up until that time, most African Americans supported the Republican Party. But the 1920 Presidential election saw more black people than ever registered to vote. Leading up to the election, they were told by whites they would not be allowed to vote. However, two black businessmen in Ocoee who had led the local voter registration efforts, stepped up to ensure blacks had the opportunity to vote – they even paid the poll taxes for those who couldn’t afford them giving them. One was Mose Norman who on election day was pushed and told to go home – shoved away with his own rifle which he’d had laying on his back seat. Not discouraged, the other black man Julius Perry then went to the polls – again told to leave. White mobs terrorized other black voters who went home and did not vote that day. The mob then went in search of Norman and was told he was at Mr. Perry’s home. They went there, beat Perry and eventually killed him and hung his body from a lightpost. Mr. Norman got away and was never seen again. What ensued was the single bloodiest day in history. The Ocoee Massacre November 2, 1920 left more than 50 African Americans dead and their businesses and residences burned to the ground. Segue to 2015 when the first African American attempted to run for a City Commission seat. Mr. George Oliver III lost by 20 votes. However, this year Oliver beat the three term incumbent and won the District 4 seat!


Attorney Gwendolyn Wiggins, Official from the City of Orlando’s Human Relations division / Thelisha Thomas, Executive Director of Healthy Start of Seminole County

April 11th 1968 was when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Fair Housing Act. The legislature followed both the Civil Rights Bill in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act in 1965. Attorney Gwendolyn Wiggins is an Official from the City of Orlando’s Human Relations division and our guest. She talks about the Dinner and Awards event the City has planned to honor the passing of the bill. They are developing a Wall of Honor at City Hall recognizing the 1st HR Official Mr. Albert Nelson and how they’re looking for young people today who enact civil rights. There is also a fair housing training open to all who manage housing offices in the tri county area. We also speak with Thelisha Thomas, the Executive Director of Healthy Start of Seminole County talks about the 5th annual Big Baby Shower that is designed for new moms and women who have just had babies. “Owning Your Emoji’s” reflects on the emotions a woman experiences during pregnancy. It’s FREE register on Eventbrite at


True Health - Dr. Kareena Senors and John Curtain

Monica speaks with Dr. Kareena Senors and John Curtain a licensed mental health counselor from our STAR Cares partner TRUE Health. They have just added a mental health component to their services – offering telemedicine access allowing patients to meet with John remotely. They are also getting ready for their 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala OVATIONS May 5th. Details are online at


Goldsboro Housing Initiative - Tamara Johnson

Tamara Johnson is the Project Manager for the Goldsboro Housing initiative. They will share the results of the 2 year neighborhood study Thurs March 29th 6pm at Sanford City Hall. The community is encouraged to come and ask questions


Financial Literacy Months - Deidre Graybill

March and April are Financial Literacy Months. Deidre Graybill with Graybill & Associates is the Vice-Chair 2017 Governmental Affairs Key Contact for State Senator Randolph Bracy and Congresswoman Val Demings. She offers free wealth building workshops for the community.


Mpumi Nobivo

Monica May just received the Legacy Award from the African American Women's Project. The speaker was Mpumi Nobivo. This young South African woman was raised by her grandmother after her mother died from AIDS when she was 9 years old. Living in abject poverty, her spirit and intelligence caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and she was invited to attend and later graduate from the 1st Leadership Academy. Mpumi travels the world speaking to audiences about HIV/AIDS and overcoming adversity.


Russel Drake - Orange County Democratic Black Caucus / Local Elections

Sunday's Guest is Russell Drake, President of Orange County Democratic Black Caucus and Vice President of the Florida State’s chapter to discuss why it’s important to join the organization. We also talked about the upcoming local elections. See our website for election dates coming up.


Dr. Andrea Dunn - HIV Awareness / Lane Powell - Tech Sassy Girlz

Dr. Andrea Dunn, a Pharmacist at Florida Hospital and Founder of Let's Beehive, Inc. discusses HIV Awareness. Queen Bee is an event that will talk about these issues for females and will be held Saturday, March 10th at 2nd Harvest Bank from 3pm to 7pm./ Lane Powell discusses Tech Sassy Girlz 6th Annual Tea Invites


Professor Anthony B. Major of UCF

During Black History Month, Monica speaks to various icons in our community and one of them is Anthony B. Major. He is a Professor of Fine Arts and African Studies at the University of Central Florida. Tony was also a Broadway actor, having worked with James Earl Jones, Redd Foxx, Sinbad, Dolly Parton and many others. Major regals us with theater history and more. A formerly sought after baseball player, Major decided on college in New York and that’s where his love for theater began. Tony also announced that Monica is receiving the John t. Washington Community Service award. Washington was one of the 1st African Americans to hold a faculty position on the campus.


Friends of Children & Families - Mentoring Youth

Meghan Wilson of Friends of Children & Families, which is a group home for foster teens talked about their need for adults to mentor the youths. They are about to "age out" and need help with basic life skills. Interested adults with time to share or if you'd like to donate, please go to


STAR 94.5 Upcoming Black History Trip to the Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Cultural Complex / 3rd Annual Heritage Freedom 5k Run and Walk

Bill Geary and Sonya Mallard from the Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Cultural Complex discussed the upcoming STAR 94.5 Black History trip as well as the 3rd Annual Heritage Freedom 5k Run/Walk. The Moore’s were African American educators and pioneer leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Harry T. Moore was the founder of the first branch of the NAACP in Brevard County. The couple was murdered in their home in 1951. Register online at for the STAR 94.5 black history trip to visit the complex February 24th and to participate in the Freedom 5K March 3rd register at


Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative

Guests are Sheena Meade with Florida Rights Restoration Coalition and Rihanna Martin a young women’s advocate and writer for Affinity magazine. The pair recapped last Sunday’s Women’s March and announced that Florida Amendment 4, the Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative will be on the 2018 ballot in November.


National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week / My FEST

Sunday’s show is all about our youth and some of the social and emotional issues they face. January 22nd – 28th is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week and Carol Burkett with the Orange County Drug Free Coalition talks about the FREE Lunch and Learn they’re hosting for parents and caregivers. Also Muriel Jones Executive Director of Federation of Families of Central Florida discusses the big My FEST event Saturday January 2th at Barnett Park open to families in our community with youth dealing with mental health and social issues.


3 Heartbeats

Speaking with Laura Dorsey about the Infinite Scholars scholarship fair coming to Evans H.S. this Wednesday January 17th and in Sanford on Thursday January 18th. Over 30 co0lleges on hand with millions of dollars to give to students who qualify. All the details are online at to register. We also talk with Stephanie Dixon Daniels, the mother of Sade Dixon who was slain by her ex-boyfriend last year. They’ve begun a foundation to offer women in domestic abuse situations – FIGHT BACK power and self-confidence to move forward. There is an event open to all women Saturday January 20th @ Legacy Sports Center – details at


Diversity, Equity and inclusion book club

Monica speaks with Dr. Ruth Edwards, Educational Director for the Winter Park Public Library and Barbara Chandler, Manager of the Hannibal Square Heritage Center about the upcoming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Book Club. The 3 month series focuses on the award winning author James Baldwin. There will be 3 documentary showings at the library featuring: “I Am Not Your Negro,” “Perspectives on Athletes and Activism” and Ava Duvernay’s “13th.” Open community discussions will follow at Hannibal Square – Please check for dates and times.


City of Orlando Dr. King Events

Monica talked with the City of Orlando's MLK Commission about the events starting January 7th commemorating Dr. King. The conversation included listings in other cities as well. For a look at the calendar, visit Star Cares @

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