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Lamar Odom Opens Up About Drug Addiction

In a recent video, former NBA Star Lamar Odom opened up about drug addiction, death of loved ones and more! Watch the emotional video below.



You have to give Lamar Odom credit for being this honest about such a sensitive subject, and getting the help he needs.

Quincy Jones Wins $9.4 Million From Michael Jackson’s Estate

Quincy Jones has prevailed in a case he launched nearly four years ago against MJJ Productions, the record label founded by Michael Jackson, and Sony Music, over the “disguising” of royalties and breach of his contracts with Michael Jackson. In yesterday’s decision, a jury in Los Angeles Superior Court awarded Jones $9.4 million.

Jones’ lawsuit charged that MJJ Productions, the record label Jackson founded that is now administered by Jackson’s estate, and Sony Music began to capitalize on Jackson’s work after his death, reissuing music that was remixed or edited without Jones’ approval. According to Jones’ contracts with Jackson and Sony Music, which go back to 1978, Jones would have first crack at this type of work.

The work that MJJ productions and Sony Music released after Jackson’s death included a 2012 re-release of  Bad, the concert film  This Is It and its accompanying soundtrack album and two Cirque du Soleil productions.

Jones’ complaint also accused Jackson’s estate of “disguising” royalties made from the various productions, films and albums by classifying them as profits, which prevented Jones’ royalties from being accurately calculated. Jones asked for $30.3 million; the estate countered that Jones was owed less than $400,000 due to accounting errors on their part.

Jenifer Lewis settles LA Fitness lawsuit over ‘Con Man’ Ex

Actress Jenifer Lewis has reportedly settled her lawsuit with LA Fitness over a trainer she says conned her out of $50,000.

Back in January, the “Black-ish” star filed a lawsuit claiming LA Fitness contributed to her loss by not properly vetting the manager, who met the star at the company’s West Hollywood location and began dating shortly afterward.

Three months into the relationship, he asked her to loan him $50,000 for a film he was producing. She gave him the money, only to find out eventually that he was a con man with a record.

LA Fitness, meanwhile, argues that they run background checks on all employees and that the check on the man involved did not reveal any of what Lewis claimed to be true. is reporting that the two parties have since reached a settlement, in which LA Fitness did not admit any guilt.

LA Fitness said that they had offered the settlement in an attempt to close this chapter for good, and that the actress is dragging it out to gain publicity. The company is now demanding that Lewis drop her charges, which she reportedly agreed to do five days after receiving the payment.

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